Lateral Bug-proof without barriers

Resistant, efficient against the bugs, with an essential design. Neoscenica® is suitable for any needs of installation and complete ANIMA21®, the revolutionary Anti-wind system Bettio’s patent.

NEOSCENICA® inherits the best features from SCENICA® and brings improvement and innovations that make it unique. Represents the maximum expression of the flyscreen for door evolution's: it is resistentant, functional and aesthetically refined. The profiles and the plastics have been designed to offers an efficient barrier against the annoying bugs. Complete ANIMA21®, the revolutionary Anti-wind system Bettio’s patent, that guarantee the endurance and the function of the flyscreen also in presence of strong wind or impact.
NEOSCENICA® has been designed to be easy and quickly to assemble and for be suitable to any needs of installaion, also in presence of non-bearing box, thermal insulation or doorstep sloped. It is possible to fix it on recessed or on the fixture with screw or thanks to the combinate use biadhesive and push group. It is available with one or two leaves and thanks to the central exit of the mesh results always symmetrical perfect.
NEOSCENICA® represent the new frontier of the Bettio's flyscreen for doors, combining aesthetics and functionality in a completely new product.


Lateral sliding; Scenica®;


Recessed; Surface mount installation;


Spring operated;


46 mm (50 mm with cap): V1 (1 & 2 leaves); V2 (1 leaf)

51 mm: V2 (2 leaves); V3 (1 & 2 leaves); V4 (1 e 2 leaves)



In height: -3/+10 mm without biadhesive; +13 mm with biadhesive.
In width: +13 mm



Leaves Mesh Standard production Minimum dimensions Maximum dimensions
1 Leaf Grey, Black Up to 2500 mm width 285 x 680 mm 2500 x 3400 mm
2 Leaves GreyBlack From 2501 mm width 570 x 680 mm 5000 x 3400 mm
Leaf Velum Up to 2000 mm width 285 x 680mm   2000 x 3400 mm
Leaves Velum From 2001 mm width 570 x 680mm 4000 x 3400 mm

NEOSCENICA® can be realized if the height is at least taller 7 centimetres than the width of each hinged door.
From 2001 mm swing base, the network will present a support at the top.


Ral 9010 Matt
Ral 9010 Gloss
Ral 1013 Matt
Ral 1013 Gloss
Ral 9001 Matt
Ral 9001 Gloss
Brushed Silver
Silver Painted
Ral 7001 Matt
Ral 7016 Matt
Grigio Michelangelo
Ral 9005 Matt
Bronze Painted
Testa di Moro 2001 Matt
Ral 8017 Matt
Marrone Michelangelo
Elox 2000 Matt
Ral 6005 Matt
Verde Michelangelo
Renolit Light
Renolit Dark
Handcrafted natural leather flexible handle, allowing removal of the handle bar when the handle is covered by the window or other obstruction.
Silver grey sliding profile.
Recommended for out-of-squares bigger than 7 mm
Fiberglass mesh with the same characteristics as the standard grey mesh.
It gives elegance to the mosquito net itself
Evolution of the classic mesh, more resistant and performing. Protects from damage caused by sunlight thanks to a slight shade effect.
In order to integrate with facility the flyscreen system with the roller shutter system,were created two specific guides equipped with a section,complete with brushes and apposite conveyor for roller shutter sliding (14x55 mm profile) and a second section for the insertion of 50 mm built-in flyscreen systems. A integrate system that enriches the home with a highly finishing touches. The 80 mm guide thanks to the riduct dimensions is useful on restructuring in which the space available is limited and it was studied for the roller shutter that need a lower depth where slide the roller-blind slats(?) otherwise it may not rotate.Suggest with adjustables roller shutter, aluminum or steel roller shutters. The 90 mm guide, thanks to its bigger dimensions, disposes of 15 mm distance from the flyscreen to the roller shutter, it allow to avoid the roller-blind slats(?) bending. Suggest to PVC, aluminum or steel roller shutter.
Choose this version if you can fix the flyscreen at the top of the compartment
Choose this version if you need to attach the mosquito net sideways. Pay attention in the double door leaf as in addition to the side fastening you will need to anchor the profile frontally.
Choose this version if you want to install the mosquito net inside a compartment, perfectly adherent to the perimeter walls but do not want to drill laterally. The fastening is frontal: the product is separated from the frame by about 5 mm and the protection from insects is guaranteed by the perimeter walls.
Choose this version if there are no perimeter walls to fix the mosquito net. It is a pure frontal attack system.

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