Our story


Bettio operates on national and international markets for over 20 years offering high quality flyscreens with blackout and shading fabrics, manufactured to meet even the most demanding requirements. The success of these over 20 years of activity was ensured by the mission set by our founders and adopted by the Company since the very beginning: to manufacture innovative, practical, functional and, above all, high quality flyscreens. Lasting items that fit your house like a veritable piece of furniture.

Patented mechanisms, innovative solutions, product safety guaranteed by EU marking, precise and on-time deliveries and highly effective customer service before and after the sale: this is the mix thanks to which our products are now renowned and appreciated by millions of Italians and not only, owners of Bettio flyscreens.

Founded in the early 1990s, the Company started with mass production and now operates under the Bettio Flyscreens brand both in Italy and on the main international markets, through its two branches.

The first one, Bettio Service is dedicated to the manufacturing of made-to-measure flyscreens, blackout and shading fabrics and its activity focuses mainly on the Italian market. Bettio Group, founded after the made-to-measure branch, focuses on the production of semi-finished products for full length bars or DIY kits and exports over 70% of its products worldwide.



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