Research and development


The Research & Development department makes sure that all our energy and resources are aimed at improving and refining the production every day and at designing new solutions to address new customer needs and requirements.

After establishing the development goals, we start the design phase using cutting-edge technological and informational resources. Our mission is to design products with increasingly greater performance, overcoming the obstacles that are often considered necessary for our evolution.

Reliable and durable products: the engineering phase is followed by the creation of a flyscreen prototype (series 0) that, if considered appropriate, undergoes a test consisting of 10,000 opening and closing strokes, to the maximum extent that allows its correct operation: this corresponds to an average duration of about 7 years.

Other tests include resistance to wind using compressed air, various mechanical tests and response tests to atmospheric agents such as rain, cold or heat and finally, an analysis on the quality of the surfaces. After passing this series of severe tests and checks, the new model is ready for standardisation, in other words it is considered suitable to be put into production and included in the sales catalogue, having the certainty that we are releasing a reliable, high quality flyscreen on the market.