Consumer FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions from our end users answered by our customer support department.


Can I install the flyscreen on inclined frames?

All our products are tested and guaranteed for straight installation; however, some models are specially designed for inclined frames, such as those for roof windows. We recommend you to check the “Possible Installations” section for each product, to make sure you choose the product that best suits your needs.

Can I install the flyscreen horizontally?

Yes, you can install a Fixed Frame.

Can I install a Bettio flyscreen by myself?

Bettio recommends that you contact a professional installer to make sure the installation is carried out according to the provisions set by us. Please contact our support department and find the nearest installer.

Does your offer include the installation of the flyscreen?

Bettio only manufactures the flyscreens; the installation is entrusted to our network of dealers: find the one closer to you here.

Can I buy the flyscreen directly from you?

Our products are available only at our authorised dealers.

Where can I find the use and maintenance instructions for the flyscreens and indoor blinds?

Each product comes with all necessary technical documentation in .pdf and in some cases, with additional demo videos. Find your model here.

However, each product is always supplied together with its instructions and after installing the product they should be left at the disposal of the user as they contain the use and maintenance instructions of the flyscreen.

I installed a flyscreen and I need assistance. Who should I contact?

Your usual authorised installer who also provides assistance. If he is no longer available, you can find another one in the “Find your dealer” section.

I ripped the mesh of my flyscreen. Can I replace it?

Yes, please contact your usual authorised installer.

Where can I find the product catalogues?

You can view and download all Bettio catalogues from our website.

Do Bettio products come with a warranty?

All our products are legally guaranteed as per Legislative Decree No. 24 of 02.02.2002 as amended, in other words for 24 months if sold to natural persons and 12 months if sold to legal persons/professionals.

Notwithstanding the provisions of the law, for productions starting from 01/01/2016, we offer a standard warranty on the plastic and mechanical parts of our products for a period of ten years. This warranty refers only to repair and/or replacement (including labour, no extra charge) of plastic and mechanical parts. This warranty does not cover: aluminium parts, mesh/fabric, any electrical and electronic parts such as electric motors, automations and switches, the whole Motoscenica® automation pack and brushes. Any disassembly, assembly and shipping costs to our headquarters in Marcon (VE) shall be charged to the customer.

How can I open the Bettio flyscreens?

There are three main types of flyscreens: lateral, vertical and with frame. All Lateral flyscreens have the box installed on the side, vertically with respect to the ground and they can be opened by pulling the handle bar horizontally, like a sliding flyscreen. The Vertical flyscreens have the box installed on the top, supported on both sides by the side rails inside which slides the mesh and they can be opened by moving the handle bar down, like an up-down flyscreen. Frame flyscreens come with pre-tensioned mesh fitted inside a rigid frame and they can be Fixed or Mobile, in other words with door on pivot or sliding.

How many types of installation are available?

There are three main types of installation: recess, built-in and surface mount (frontal installation). For more information see this section.

In the event of a power failure, can I open and close a motorised flyscreen manually?

Depends on the model. Motoscenica® lateral flyscreen enters manual mode in case of power failure and therefore you can open and close it manually. On the other hand, Moovica vertical flyscreens remain locked in position as they are not equipped with spring return mechanisms. However, the end positions are motorised on both models.

Can I replace my old flyscreen?

You can dispose of your old flyscreen and buy a new one. For more information contact your local dealer.

What’s the difference between a blackout and a shading fabric?

The Shading fabric has micro holes that let through a certain amount of sunlight, expressed as a percentage. The Blackout fabric instead, blocks the passage of sunlight into varying percentages depending on its colour and on the structure on which it is installed.

What’s the difference between an indoor blind and a roller blind?

The Indoor Blind is recessed into the frame, facing the inside of the room. Roller blinds are installed outside of the frame.

Does the 65% tax deduction apply to Bettio products?

To this day there is no official statement of the Revenue Office authorising the inclusion of flyscreens in the 65% tax deduction.

Can I return Bettio products?

Since these products are custom made and therefore not reusable, it is not possible to return them.

Why do the flyscreens require regular maintenance?

Considering the high quality of the materials used for their manufacture, the flyscreens do not require any routine maintenance except for cleaning the mesh/fabric. For products with mobile side rails (see Scenica line), we advise constant cleaning and lubrication. These are simple operations that you can carry out by yourself by purchasing the Bettio maintenance kit.

What does the cleaning and maintenance KIT include?

It is a practical container with everything necessary for cleaning your flyscreen: compressed air to remove any dust or dirt, special cleaner for aluminium and mesh and special lubricant for mobile side rails on Scenica® products.

Why do I have to clean the mesh?

The mesh is a delicate support and dust or any other materials accumulated on it might end up inside the box, causing it to malfunction. This is why you should clean your flyscreen periodically, to ensure perfect operation and to increase its durability.

How can I clean the mesh?

Gently clean the mesh and any parts exposed to dust. Then clean the mesh with a cloth dampened in a neutral detergent: for perfect results we recommend that you use our Cleaner for aluminium and mesh. For products with mobile side rails (see Scenica® line), make sure that the side rail is perfectly clean and lubricated. For more information see this page.

How can I clean the aluminium parts?

You can clean the aluminium structure of your flyscreen using a cloth dampened with a neutral detergent: for perfect results we recommend that you use our Cleaner for aluminium and mesh. For more information see this page.

Can I order flyscreens in other colours than those in the catalogue?

Yes you can, but only after we check the requested colour with our technical department.