Here are some frequently asked questions from our professional users answered by our customer support department.


Where can I find the boxes and side rails identification labels and how should I match them?

Each box and each pair of side rails has an appropriate identification label. Before assembling the flyscreen you need to match the side rails with the boxes using the code on the labels: for more information please refer to this document.

The label not only helps you in matching the side rails and the boxes, but it also features the CE marking of our products, all the main data of your order and the manufacturing date which is essential for warranty application.

Where can I find the assembly instructions for the flyscreens and indoor blinds?

Each product comes with all necessary technical documentation in .pdf and in some cases, with additional demo videos. Choose your model here.

However, each product is always supplied together with its instructions and after installing the product they should be left at the disposal of the user as they contain the use and maintenance instructions of the flyscreen.

Where can I find the product catalogues?

You can view and download all bettio catalogues from our website.

Does the 65% tax deduction apply to Bettio products?

To this day there is no official statement of the Revenue Office authorising the inclusion of flyscreens in the 65% tax deduction.

I need a copy of the invoice, credit note or transport documents.

Send your request to or contact our Shipping Department at 0415950633.

Can I purchase spare parts?

Sure, whenever you want; just send a request to one of our Departments.

Which type of warranty applies to Bettio products?

All our products are legally guaranteed as per Legislative Decree No. 24 of 02.02.2002 as amended, in other words for 24 months if sold to natural persons and 12 months if sold to legal persons/professionals.

Notwithstanding the provisions of the law, for productions starting from 01/01/2016, we offer a standard warranty on the plastic and mechanical parts of our products for a period of ten years. This warranty refers only to repair and/or replacement (including labour, no extra charge) of plastic and mechanical parts. This warranty does not cover: aluminium parts, mesh/fabric, any electrical and electronic parts such as electric motors, automations and switches, the whole Motoscenica® automation pack and brushes. Any disassembly, assembly and shipping costs to our headquarters in Marcon (VE) shall be charged to the customer.

How can I return a product? Do I need to keep the invoice as reference?

The flyscreen must be returned to us with its relevant transport document. In order for you to benefit from our warranty, the product purchased by you must have our identification label (placed on the box and on the side rail), that features all product identification data and the manufacturing date. Link how to read the labels

Can I replace an old flyscreen?

Sure! You can dispose of your old flyscreen and buy a new one at a very advantageous price. Please refer to the suMisura price list, in the “Scrapping” chapter.

Can I buy spare parts for products that are no longer included in the catalogue?

Yes, only while stocks last.

Can I return a product purchased incorrectly?

We are manufacturing made-to-measure flyscreens and blinds, therefore you may not return them unless the products you want to return are valid spare parts.

How can I place an order?

You can make orders via fax at 0415950635, via e-mail to address or using the program OrdiniOnLine, from our site: this program also shows you an estimate cost of the selected product and runs a feasibility check.

Can I track my order?

Yes, using the OrdiniOnLine portal you can track your order from production to delivery.

Which are the shipping times and methods?

The average delivery time for Italy is 7 days.

Can I order flyscreens in other colours than those in the catalogue?

Of course, with a small extra charge and about 30 days delivery due to the need to cater the aluminium. However, keep in mind that we need to check the requested colour with our technical department.

I have an out-of-square opening. Can I still install a flyscreen?

Yes, you just have to choose an adjustable model, one with adjustable end caps and/or side rails for example. See the relevant "adjustments" section on the page of each product that indicates by how many mm you can extend the product in width and/or in height to rectify any out-of-squares.

Are the screws supplied with the product?

No, but in the assembly instructions and in the “use and maintenance instructions” section of the catalogue you can find all the types of screws recommended by us based on the type of support to which you will have the flyscreen fixed.

The handle bar is not parallel to the box when it moves upwards. What should I do?

Make sure the box forms a 90° angle with the side rails. If this is not possible, you can manually add an anti-wind pin along the strip during installation, placing it on the side where the handle bar remains tilted, creating an extra layer that will compensate the misalignment.

Can I install the brake after purchasing the flyscreen?

Yes, if so provided in the catalogue, checking the feasibility measures. You will need to replace the right end cap, remove the tube cap, insert the brake and close the end cap after winding the spring two more times by turning the opposite cap.

Can I remove the rebate of a Revolux by Bettio V3 or V4 (frontal installation)?

We do not advise it, as you might affect the stability and strength of the flyscreen.