10 Year warranty

Enjoy your summers in peace and silence

Free from insects all year long for many years! Bettio products are the only products of this kind on the domestic market with 10 years of warranty.

Please note that the warranty offered by Bettio covers only the plastic (end caps, cap holders, shoes etc.) and mechanical components (mainly brakes and springs). It does not cover any aluminium parts, meshes/fabrics, electrical/electronic parts (motors, automations and switches) and brushes. Such warranty is possible due to the confidence that we have in the quality of the materials used for manufacturing these accessories, ordered from the best national and international suppliers and therefore in the ability of our flyscreens and blinds in the Living range to work perfectly even after years of use and mechanical stress. This allows us to say with confidence and peace of mind that our products are of excellent quality and their durability exceeds the usually guaranteed and granted service life of any other similar products.

All our products are legally guaranteed as per Legislative Decree No. 24 of 02.02.2002 as amended, in other words for 24 months if sold to natural persons and 12 months if sold to legal persons/professionals.

Notwithstanding the provisions of the law, for productions starting from 01/01/2016, we offer a standard warranty on the plastic and mechanical parts of our products for a period of ten years. This warranty refers only to repair and/or replacement (including labour, no extra charge) of plastic and mechanical parts. This warranty does not cover: aluminium parts, mesh/fabric, any electrical and electronic parts such as electric motors, automations and switches, the whole Motoscenica® automation pack and brushes. Any disassembly, assembly and shipping costs to our headquarters in Marcon (VE) shall be charged to the customer.

For more information see full text in Terms of Sale.