OMEGA is a retractable flyscreen made of fibreglass mesh and fitted with walkable lowered ground rail. The box is installed on the side and allows opening/closing the flyscreen without having to bend down. The double door version is particularly suitable for big openings and each leaf can be opened up to 1500 mm: it allows decentralised opening during installation, without having to mention it on the order form. If you opt for the double door version, you can lock one of the leaves using the special bolt with modular extension. Moreover, Omega is also reversible: it can be installed on the right or on the left side of the opening, without having to mention it on the order form. For installation, use the adjusting profiles already included with the product. The bracket and the support spring make it easy to install on the construction site or directly on the door frame during manufacture.


Lateral sliding;




Spring operated;


55 mm (74 with external handle)


Mesh with pvc strip and pins;


Height adjustment from 38 to 50 mm




Hook; Magnetic;

Doors Standard production Minimum size Maximum size
Single door Up to 1600mm width 500 x 700mm 1670 x 2800mm
Double door From 1601mm width 500 x 700mm 3340 x 2800mm

For the magnetic lock system version, the height of each leaf cannot be less than their width.

If the ordered measures exceed the maximum granted ones, some or all of the pins might be removed after carrying out the technical feasibility check so that we can manufacture the screen. In such case we cannot grant the resistance of the mesh to the wind push.

Ral 9010 Matt
Ral 9010 Gloss*
Silver Painted
Ral 9001 Matt
Ral 1013 Matt
Bronze Painted
Testa di Moro 2001 Matt
Elox 2000 Matt
Ral 6005 Matt
Renolit Light
Renolit Dark

Grey accessories. If you opt for Bronze, 9001, 9010 or 1013, some of the parts will be supplied in matching colour. The colour of the accessories in special shades is at the discretion of the Company.

* Standard colour unless otherwise mentioned on the order form.

This versatile accessory allows adjusting the position of the semi-fixed leaf up to a width of 1500mm.
The specially designed adjusters allow the screen side rails and "u" profile to be fixed directly to the door or window frame during manufacture (fixing type 1) or to the bottom of the counter-frame on the construction site (fixing type 2).
Special part for double door versions that allows you to lock one of the leaves to the desired position during installation.
The external handle facilitates opening and closing the flyscreen handle bar.
Allows built-in screens to easily be installed on the construction site.
This accessory allows fixing the box of the flyscreen directly to the door or window frame.
To increase the safety of our products, all Bettio lateral flyscreens feature an optional brake that allows the screen to roll aside slowly and avoid dangerous impacts if you loosen the grip of the handle bar. Accessory recommended for catch closing systems.
System consisting of two magnetic profiles that ensure perfect closing of the flyscreen.


We created two special side rails (80 e 90mm) consisting of two sections that allow us to easily combine the flyscreen system and the roller shutter system: the first section is fitted with brushes and a special conveyor for roller shutter sliding (14x55 mm profile) and the second one allows the insertion of 50 mm built-in flyscreen systems, such as Delta, Sigma, Omega, India, Africa, Miniscenica®Incasso. This special rail is fitted with a housing that allows easy installation of all our built-in flyscreens that do not exceed 50 mm, including lateral flyscreens that require anchoring systems at the top. Models India and Africa use lower adjusting profile for installation.
We try to meet all the requirements with our built-in system. This aluminium bracket connects the door/window frame and the blind, leaving enough space for the installation of our 50 mm built-in systems. This way we can assemble the whole system during manufacture and then simply mount the assembly and the window/door frame, the flyscreen and the blind, gaining significant time.

Available in packs of 30 pieces.

Dimensions: 131 x 64 mm.


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