Estetika Motorizzata

Motorised 50mm Bug-proof

ESTETIKA MOTORIZZATA represents a new concept of motorized mosquito net: no connection, no wiring and no predisposition. The rechargeable battery motor allows you to enjoy the convenience of a motorized mosquito net wherever you want. And we thought about the charging phase making it very agile with two solutions:
a) Connect the included magnetic charging cable to the guide to the power outlet
b) Connect the included magnetic charging cable to the guide and to a power bank (recommended minimum power 10000 mAh).
Profiles and plastics have been designed to offer a barrier against annoying bedbugs; while the system Anima21 ³ ensures a wind tightness of the highest level. The motor and the connector for charging are installed on the right side (internal view), but you can request them on the left when ordering


Vertical sliding;






50 mm


Mesh without pvc strip and pins;


Height adjustment: +10mm
Width adjustment: -4/+10mm without double tape; +14mm with double tape




Free falling;

  1. Upper brush
  2. Plate
  3. Upper spring
  4. Box holder hook
  5. Side rail
  6. Housing
  7. Double side adhesive tape
  8. New generation Clic-Clak® slider
  9. Pushing group
  10. Handle bar with adapter and vanishing brush
  11. New generation Clic-Clak® shoe
  12. Adjustable pulling cord

Standard production Grey/Black mesh

Box 50
Minimum dimensions 560 x 400 mm
Maximum dimensions   2700 x 2700 mm

Black Velum Mesh

Box 50
Minimum dimensions 560 x 400 mm
Maximum dimensions   2700 x 1800 mm

Euroscreen shading fabric

Box 50
Minimum dimensions 560 x 400 mm
Maximum dimensions   2500 x 1700 mm

Condor black out fabric

Box 50
Minimum dimensions 560 x 400 mm
Maximum dimensions   1858 x 2000 mm/ 2500x1661 mm
For Shading and black out fabric, if the ordered dimensions exceed the maximum guaranteed measures, ones and after check the technical feasibility, for the realisation it may be necessary to decrease or eliminate anti-wind pins. In this case we cannot guarantee the resistance inside the guide
Ral 9010 Gloss*
Ral 9010 Matt
Ral 1013 Gloss*
Ral 1013 Matt
Ral 9001 Gloss*
Ral 9001 Matt
Brushed Silver
Silver Painted*
Ral 7001 Matt
Ral 7016 Matt
Grigio Michelangelo
Ral 9005 Matt
Bronze Painted
Testa di Moro 2001 Matt
Ral 8017 Matt
Marrone Michelangelo
Elox 2000 Matt
Ral 6005 Matt
Verde Michelangelo
Renolit Light
Renolit Dark

Grey accessories. If you opt for Bronze, 9001, 9010 or 1013, some of the parts will be supplied in matching colour. The colour of the accessories in special shades is at the discretion of the Company.

* Standard colour unless otherwise mentioned on the order form.

Blackout Condor - 003 Beige
Blackout Condor - 002 Grey
Blackout Condor - 001 White
Blackout Condor - 005 Black
Shading Euroscreen - 04B White
Shading Euroscreen - 04G Grey
Antibug technology

Profiles and plastics have been designed to offer an effective barrier against the annoying bugs, insects that easily enter inside homes. Estetika has been designed to eliminate all possible entry routes, leaving intruders outside.

Fully retractable retractable brush

Patented new generation Clic-clak® opening and closing mechanism with adapter profile and brush that disappear inside the handle bar. On widths over 2 meters, a slight flexion of the adapter may occur.

Quick installation without screws

Installation without screws thanks to the combination of the supplied push group and double-sided adhesive. With this system it is possible the adjustment of out of square for up to 10mm.

Different types of possible installation.

Installation without screws (between window and shutter /roller) or by only 2 screws per side.

Self-adjusting telescopic guides

Thanks to its telescopic profiles and the standard upper brush, Estetika adapts to even the most irregular compartments without the addition of shims, silicone or gaskets of any kind. The guides can be easily self-adjusted during installation by simply lowering and sliding the handle bar to full height.

The telescopic guide

High technical and aesthetic performance of the product thanks to the horizontal movement of the guides that make it possible to overcome the frequent problems of out-of-square installation compartments, and therefore obtain a perfect finish. In addition, the guides can be self-adjusted by simply lowering the handle bar during installation.

Fiberglass mesh with the same characteristics as the standard grey mesh.
Give elegance to the mosquito net itself

Condor Blackout Fabric.

Euroscreen Shading Fabric.

By choosing the version with blackout or shading fabric you can adjust the level of light inside the room.

Evolution of the classic mesh, more resistant and performing. Protects from damage caused by sunlight thanks to a slight shade effect.
MANAGES UP TO 30 MOSQUITO NETS operated in group or individually even remotely.

Download the app for home automation (Brel Home): manages the opening and closing hours of all the associated mosquito nets, allows you to adjust the end of the ride, compatible with Alexa and Google Home.


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