Zelig is one of Bettio’s best sellers and the ideal solution for those looking for a high-class, universal product.

  • Rounded design, elegant, modern style
  • Highly versatile
  • The perfect choice for those wanting to install just one type of screen throughout the home irrespective of frame characteristics.


Lateral sliding; Vertical sliding;


Surface mount installation; Recessed; Built-in;


Spring operated; Chain operated;


Box 42 mm

  1. ANGLE BRACKETS Angle brackets can be fixed to the box or end caps as an alternative to classic installations.
  2. ADJUSTABLE END CAPS These accessories allow up to 10 mm out-of-squares to be rectified.
  3. BUILT-IN SIDE RAILS Zelig can be built in using one of the special side rails, including the one with lane for roller shutters.
  4. CHAIN OPERATION An outstanding version of Zelig which includes all Bettio’s most important technological features: Clic-Clak®, return spring, ballast, customer’s choice of chain application, end caps with visible or hidden screws and the renowned anti-wind side rails.
  5. SURFACE MOUNT INSTALLATION This type of installation also features a number of different options, from handle bar to adjustable internal shoes.
  6. CLIC-CLAK® A practical, convenient handle bar opening and closing system developed along with Zelig.
DOOR AND WINDOW 550 x 700 (700 with brake) mm 2000 x 2480 mm
SINGLE DOOR 700 x 960 (1100 with brake) mm 1600 x 2480 mm
DOUBLE DOOR 1400 x 960 (1100 with brake) mm 3200 x 2480 mm
Ral 9010 Matt 34
Ral 9010 Gloss 4
Brushed Silver 28
Silver Painted 55
Ral 7001 Matt 90
Grigio Michelangelo 14
Ral 9001 Matt 87
Ral 9001 Gloss 33
Ral 1013 Matt 37
Ral 1013 Gloss 7
Bronze Painted 66
Testa di Moro 2001 Matt 9
Ral 8017 Matt 38
Elox 2000 Matt 3
Marrone Michelangelo 15
Verde Michelangelo 16
Ral 6005 Matt 40
Iroko 57
Douglas 58
Pino 59
Renolit Light 88
Ciliegio 20
Renolit Dark 89
Rovere 22
Noce 60
Acacia 21
Ral 9016 Gloss 11
Ral 9016 Matt 31
Ral 7016 Matt 95
Ral 8014 Matt 35
Ral 9005 Matt 36

White, bronze and black accessories.


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