The technical innovation and simplicity of the Scenica® family. All in a very small size, allowing the screen to be installed in a space of just 25 mm!

  • Ultra quick installation (5/10 minutes)
  • No closing profile or ground rail
  • Stops at all positions
  • Innovative installation system without screws (with double-tape)


Lateral sliding; Scenica®;




Box 25 mm




Height adjustment: -3/+11mm without double-sided tape; +14mm with double-sided tape. 

Width adjustment up to +10 millimetres.



  1. STOPS AT ALL POSITIONS: Practical to use as the handle bar can be locked in any position.
  2. INSTALLATION ON SLIDING DOORS AND WINDOWS: An “adjuster end cap” makes the screen freestanding so it does not require any supporting surface behind the box.
  3. FLUORESCENT CHAIN TRACK: Helps identify obstacles in dim light or at night.
  4. BOX GASKET: This special translucent nylon extrusion can be installed behind the box to correct any imperfections due to out-of-square walls.
  5. SIDE PROFILE: A side profile can be installed on the single door version to rectify any out of squares.
  6. INNOVATIVE INSTALLATION SYSTEM WITHOUT SCREWS: If the walls are regular, you can install the insect screen without the use of screws, thanks to a special double-tape.
  7. VANISHING CHAIN TRACK: An innovative patent by Bettio allows the handle bar to release the chain track gradually.


SINGLE DOOR from 500 x 580 mm to 1380 x 2800 mm
DOUBLE DOOR from 1000 x 580 mm to 2760 x 2800 mm


Ral 9010 Matt 34
Ral 9010 Gloss 4
Silver Painted 55
Brushed Silver 28
Ral 7001 Matt 90
Grigio Michelangelo 14
Ral 9001 Matt 87
Ral 9001 Gloss 33
Ral 1013 Matt 37
Ral 1013 Gloss 7
Bronze Painted 66
Testa di Moro 2001 Matt 9
Ral 8017 Matt 38
Elox 2000 Matt 3
Marrone Michelangelo 15
Verde Michelangelo 16
Ral 6005 Matt 40
Iroko 57
Douglas 58
Pino 59
Renolit Light 88
Ciliegio 20
Renolit Dark 89
Rovere 22
Noce 60
Acacia 21
Ral 9016 Gloss 11
Ral 9016 Matt 31
Ral 7016 Matt 95
Ral 8014 Matt 35
Ral 9005 Matt 36

Grey and white accessories.


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