Revolux by Bettio®


Revolux by Bettio comes in small size, taking up just 4 cm of space, with anti-wind side rail and special clic-clak® system, both covered by our International Patent. The key feature of this flyscreen is the diversity of applications in which it is used. It comes in 5 VERSIONS that make it suitable for any type of opening, even for inclined openings, such as those of roof windows; in this case we recommend frontal installation using the special angle brackets or the innovative pins, as it allows easy and quick screen removal at any time. It can also be installed by fixing it to the frame using the angle brackets, without drilling the opening or the frame.


Version Fasteners Application
Screws All types of standard openings
Screw-free version Brackets On door or window frame
External frontal version Angle brackets for frontal versions Surface mount installation
Internal frontal version Angle brackets for frontal versions Roof windows
Quick release version Spring clips Roof windows


Vertical sliding;


Recessed; Surface mount installation;


Spring operated;


40 mm


Mesh without pvc strip and pins;


Windows; Roof windows;



  1. Upper brush versions 1, 4
  2. Box
  3. Telescopic end cap (only for version 1)
  4. Spring
  5. End cap (versions 2,3,4,5)
  6. Cap cover versions 2, 3, 4
  7. Anti-wind side rail (patented)
  8. Spring clips version 5
  9. Mesh without PVC strip and pins
  10. Angle brackets for frontal versions 3, 4
  11. Clic-clak® shoe with rod
  12. Handle bar with adjusting profile
  13. Clamp for frame version 2
  14. Fixed shoe versions 2, 3, 4, 5
  15. Adjustable shoe versions 2, 3
  16. Fixed shoe version 1
  17. Closing profile
  18. Pulling cord
  19. Brush
  20. Frontal brush versions 3, 4
Version Minimum sizes Maximum sizes
V1 508 (596 with brake) x 500 mm 2000 x 2480 mm
V2,3,4,5 500 (588 with brake) x 500 mm 2000 x 2480 mm

For widths below:

Version 1: 696 mm 

Versions 2,3,4,5: 688 mm

search for the maximum possible height here.

Ral 9010 Matt
Ral 9010 Gloss*
Silver Painted
Grigio Michelangelo
Ral 1013 Gloss
Bronze Painted
Testa di Moro 2001 Matt
Ral 8017 Matt
Elox 2000 Matt
Marrone Michelangelo
Verde Michelangelo
Ral 6005 Matt
Renolit Light
Renolit Dark
Ral 9001 Gloss
Ral 7016 Matt

White plastic components with 9010, grey for all the other aluminum colors.

A special profile equipped with a harder and longer brush. The brush rotates at the wind push and slips into the mesh holes.
Our clic-clak® mechanism is ideal for built-in flyscreens and for systems with very little distance between handle bar and door/window frame, where any opening/closing manoeuvre requiring the rotation of the handle bar would be extremely difficult. With the clic-clak® system you just have to push the bar down. Using only one hand!
It's a special safety device, manufactured by us, that allows slow and gradual retraction of the flyscreen, preventing any dangerous impacts in case you loosen the grip of the handle bar. We always recommend this device, especially for spring operated vertical systems; the hydraulic brake is mandatory for systems over 2 metres high.
➊ Standard Version

In standard version, Revolux by Bettio® is installed as a conventional screen, without lower closing profile, by simply fixing it with screws along the lateral side rails.

Our clic-clak® system (international Bettio patent) makes the flyscreen easy to open. Ideal when there is little space between the flyscreen handle bar and the window frame and any opening/closing manoeuvre requiring the rotation of the handle bar would be extremely difficult.

➋ Screw-free Version 

Ideal if there are no perimetral supporting surfaces; thanks to the special brackets, this flyscreen can be fixed directly to the window frame. It also features a handle bar with double brush (vertical and frontal) for maximum safety.

➌ External frontal Version 

The perfect solution for surface installation of the flyscreen using the appropriate nylon angle brackets to fix it in the desired points; fitted with handle bar with double brush (vertical and frontal) for maximum safety.

➍ Internal frontal Version

This type of installation, specially designed for roof windows, allows installing the flyscreen on internal surfaces using the appropriate nylon brackets, the position of which can be adjusted according to your needs.

➎ Quick release Version 

Specially designed for roof windows, this version features spring clips that support the flyscreen inside the wall supports, making it easy and quick to remove and install again, facilitating the periodical cleaning operations.

Brackets (1,2mm width - only for version 2): from 4 to 36mm of depth (multiples of 2mm).
120 centimetres pulling cord.
Reversible handle bar.


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